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Some Awesome Features

Our Driving School Provides Some Unique Features For Our Students

Our focus is to assist you to become safer drivers on the road. We tend to facilitate new drivers not solely get a driver license, we also help them to become better drivers for life. 

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Our objective is to pleasantly exceed its customers expectations and become their preferred driving school. We offer cheap and competitive costs for our students to facilitate our services.

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Door Pick Up-Drop

HDS also provides pick up and drop fascilities to their students to save their precious time and focus on driving.

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All the driving instructors we hired are well qualified to teach and are registered. They need all been HDS checked for your safety and peace of mind.

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HDS provides theoretical and videos based mostly categories to help students to travel step ahead in their learning period. Video Classes are very helpful to understand the things quickly.

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Weekend Classes

We also offers a special schedule for the people who can’t come daily to attend the driving classes i.e Weekend Classes.

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Our courses and teaching process carried on time as per the course. The course content and duration can be customized to suit your requirement or need and learning speed.

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HDS offers certificates for our Students who have obtained their final Driving tests through HDS, not only at a very minimum time but also at a very cheap cost which helps them to get license quickly.

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Convenient Timing

Our category Schedule works for all the scholars/students who are in  College or who are working part time/full time.

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Trusted By Thousands

Satisfied Customer Feedback
Suraj Sharma

I heard about HDS from a friend. The instructor was patient, keeps calm and ensured I learnt why I had made mistakes. I too would recommend HDS.

Ravi Ranjan

 I used two of their instructors first- Very understanding and helped me ease into driving. Second who was a very quick teacher and helped me polish my skills efficiently.

Pawan Singh

I would recommend HDS because they knew how to handle me. They knew how to make you to drive better and was just a wonderful person in general. I would recommend HDS to anyone.

Aman Roy

HDS has the best instructor any can have. I highly recommend HDS. They makes everything simple that might sound complicated. Thanks for everything HDS. Great value for money.  

Our Teaching Process

This is Our Process For all Our Learners To Get License
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